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Lloyd Hughes
10 February
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If you're going to use any of my photos please ask first

Half of my entries are public, half are friends only
I created this in order to inspire me to take more photos

1000 polaroid land camera, 120, 2001 space odyssey, 35mm film, adaptation, air, albert camus, amigo 610, andrei tarkovsky, arcade fire, being john malkovich, bitter moon, black and white, bloc party, blue velvet, buffalo '66, c-41, cameras, charlie kaufman, citizen kane, colorsplash, colour flash holga, coloursplash, crash, cross-processing, darren aronofsky, david cronenberg, david lachapelle, david lynch, david lynch inspired photography, death from above 1979, donnie darko, drowning by numbers, dune, eraserhead, eugenio recuenco, existentialism, eyes wide shut, fire dancing, fire twirling, fuji provia, fuji sensia, garmonbozia, happiness the movie, hard eight, holgas, ian curtis, interpol, iron chef host, jasmine beautiful, john goodman, john malkovich, joy division, ladytron, landcameras, le tigre, lomography, lost highway, lost in translation, lucas samaras, medium format film, memento, metropolis 1927, michael going, modifying holgas, mulholland drive, naked lunch, nancy fina, nicholas cage, no flash photography, oktomat, orson welles, p.t anderson, phillip seymour hoffman, photography, photos, pi, polaroid 600, polaroid cameras, polaroid photography, polaroids, post punk, red lampshades, red lights, ricoh 35 zf, rosebud, roy orbison, secretary, sigur ros, slide film, spike jonze, stanley kubrick, sun 635 qs, supersampler, sx-70, sx-70 manipulation, tears for fears, television marquee moon, the big lebowski, the elephant man, the faint, the russell loasby experience, the shining, the smiths, the straight story, time travel, time zero, time-zero manipulation, todd solondz, toy cameras, twin peaks, videodrome, vincent gallo, waking life, willem dafoe, wow bob wow, x-processing, yashica tl electro x, yellow tinted flash wheel

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